– Win $500 Gift Card – My Wawa Visit Survey is, in fact, the name of the corporation. Participants who answer all of the questions on the company’s survey will be entered into a drawing for a $1,000 prize. On the official website of My Wawa, which can be found at, customers may take the My Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey online. 

Take Mywawavisitcom - Win $500 Gift Card - My Wawa Visit Survey – My Wawa Visit Survey

You, the consumer, will have the opportunity to respond to some questions about your most recent experience at the pharmacy by participating in this survey.  The organization will use the results of this survey to see how it might improve in order to meet your requirements. You are free to respond to this online poll at any time that is convenient for you.

This poll provides My Wawa with the opportunity to get more insight into the perspectives and experiences of its consumers. Customers of My Wawa who have recently made a purchase have the opportunity to provide feedback about the establishment by way of this survey. It’s possible that completing this survey may earn you $1,000, so get to it as soon as possible. At, you can find a link to the customer satisfaction survey that is offered by My Wawa.

By completing the survey, you will have the opportunity to offer feedback that the company may use to improve their customer service as well as learn more about what you like and don’t like about the products.  In addition, you will be entered into a drawing for either one of ten prizes of one hundred dollars each or a grand prize of one thousand dollars. You do not need to take part in the drawing in order to submit feedback on the game.

Take Mywawavisitcom

Rewards Of

You will be entered into a drawing for either a gift card worth one thousand dollars or one of ten gift cards worth one hundred dollars if you take part in the survey.

Rules Of

  • In order to take part in the survey, participants need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Participants must be legal residents or citizens of the United States.
  • Participation in the survey does not require any kind of payment of any kind.
  • The maximum number of times per month that a participant is permitted to take part in the survey is three.
  • Participation in the survey is not permitted for the user or any members of their family who are in any way connected to the retail establishment.
  • The award cannot be exchanged for monetary value or given to another person under any circumstances.

Take Mywawavisitcom

How to take My Wawa Visit Survey? - Win $500 Gift Card - My Wawa Visit Survey

#1. Before beginning the survey, you will need to ensure that you have both the code and the receipt from the transaction. After that, go to the website by clicking on the link shown above. 

#2. You have the option to choose your language preference in accordance with this selection. The questionnaire is only available in English at this time.

#3. Now would be a good time to enter the receipt code that may be located on your receipt. To proceed, click the “NEXT” button. Choose the day and time that best suits your schedule.  After that, choose the “NEXT” button with your mouse.

#4. You will be able to examine some survey questions here, and they will pertain to your visit as well as your shopping experience. It is important that you answer each question truthfully and thoughtfully.

#5. The responses are shown in the form of ratings. It is vital to enter personal data such as your name, address, phone number, and email address, as well as any other information that may be requested.

#6. After you have finished answering to all of the questions in the survey, you should go to the next page by clicking the NEXT button. After you have done the survey, you will immediately be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a reward.

Take My Wawa Visit Survey Customer Support

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Wawa customer service (Toll-Free Number):- 800-444-9292/+1 800 444 9292 - Win $500 Gift Card - My Wawa Visit Survey

About My Wawa Visit Survey

The first official location of My Wawa, The American Pharmacy, was established in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1962. Camp Hill, Pennsylvania is the location of the main My Wawa Corporation headquarters in the United States.

In 1962, the first My Wawa location became available to the public under the name Thrift D Discount Center. On the New York Stock Exchange, My Wawa stock may be bought and sold at any time.

My Wawa is the third-largest pharmacy chain in the United States and is a company that is included on the Fortune 500 list.Complete the My Wawa Survey to demonstrate your undying loyalty and be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a reward.

Make quickly and seize the chance while you can! You have the chance to win either $100 or $1,000 just by doing the My Wawa Store Survey.

Visit the official website of the survey and offer your thoughts on the experience you had there to help My Wawa better understand the requirements of their consumers. - Win $500 Gift Card - My Wawa Visit Survey


Since the purpose of the company’s surveys is to learn what customers think of the company’s products and employees, it is imperative that all replies to the questions be given in an honest and correct manner at all times.

If you are successful in completing the, you will also be entered into a drawing for some fun rewards. After you have finished the survey, they can urge you to take part in the contest that they are doing. Ensure that you take part in the activity.

In the event that you are the lucky winner, you will be contacted through email and given the gift immediately away. FAQs

  • Question:- What is the minimum age requirement to participate in the survey?

Answer:- Only those who are at least 18 years old are eligible to take part in the poll, thus only those who meet that age requirement may take part.

  • Question:- How can Wawa reimburse me for their services?

Answer:- After a period of 30 days from the date of dispatch, will, subject to the deduction of the cost of delivery, offer full refunds for items that have been returned in brand-new condition together with their original packing. Coffee, gift cards, and coffee that was purchased on discount are examples of items that cannot be refunded or returned. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.

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